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Well-being Community Membership

Live well with MindWell TM !  How much do you want to improve your quality of life?  Some of us are looking for a life coach, a mentor, or simply someone to talk to.  

MindWellTM offers you a community to journey with, with the support from our mental health professionals and a safe community of people who understands where you are. To enable you to haver conscious care and mindfulness for your well-being. Subscribe to join our specialised and private groups / communities.

Mental & Physical Well-Being Card

Indeed there is no health without mental health!  here in MindWell, we provide a package that bundle mental well-being with physical well-being plans that are most suitable for your needs.  

Features includes:
1. Full session of Psychological Consultation
2. Unlimited in-clinic and online GP consultation
3. Discounted referral services for Mental Well-being
4. Free Dental checkup and discount on Dental procedures
5. Laboratory and diagnostic


        Mental Health and well-being support services for Individuals and organizations

        MindWell TM  fosters well-being in the workplace, schools, communities, families and individuals.   
        Our products and services are aligned with international best practices and standards from the World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Health (DOH), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

        We understand that you and your families, communities, and organizations need support in raising awareness, correcting stigma and discrimination, identifying signs and providing support, and facilitating access to treatment and psychosocial support, and developing appropriate policies, programs, including self-boundaries to promote mental health.


        Are you ready to take actions and move forward but don't know how to take your first step? Do you have way too many ideas and would like to have someone to hear you out? Are you simply looking for someone to support you towards your transformation? 

        Our well-being coaches can help co-create with you the breakthrough you are looking for and gain control of your career, clarity of goals and/or decision making, financial, relationships, self-confidence, and/or productivity. 


        Do you need someone to listen to and help you reconcile with your past in order to move forward?  Do you feel overwhelmed, trapped or stuck, or lacking motivation to face your challenges?  Are you looking for developing new coping skills?

        Our licensed counselors can help you discover ways to recover and address your concerns and/or experiences of abuse, career, clarity of goals and/or decision making, emotions, extreme life events, identity, psychological crisis, relationships, grief, self-esteem, spirituality, and trauma.


        MindWell TM  conducts and facilitate and provide mental health talks, seminars, skills trainings, and workshops which may be accredited for CPD with PRC.  Essential objectives of these learning programs are to  raise awareness, correct stigma and discrimination, identify signs, equip individuals with coping and response skills,    and recognise when to refer and/or seek for higher level of care.


        Not feeling well lately? Don’t know who to talk to?  Confused if you need a coach, counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist? Worried about your friend or loved one with a mental health concern?

        MindWell   TM       offers psychological triage to help you clarify your objective for consultation and/or session so you can set appointment with the most suitable professional and have a pleasant journey to an improved well-being.


        Do you want to be assessed by a licensed professional to better understand your mental health needs and well-being condition?  

        MindWell   TM    provides psychological evaluation report that serves its purpose.  We are experienced with    individuals of all ages, employment - annual mental health screening, pre-employment, return to work, succession plan and/or promotion, legal - annulment, child custody, criminal cases and/or forensic, or school - for student well-being and inclusive education. 


        Need help for care management of your chronic illness or a mental health condition (found in DSM)? MindWellTM understands that managing a mental health condition needs generative, holistic, integrated, programmatic, and systematic approaches. Thus, we offer care management involving pool of professionals - coaches, counselors, nutritionists, physicians, psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, and alternative medicines practitioners to help you. 

        You can visit any of our clinic locations nationwide or have your mental health consultations and/or sessions online, through a landline number, or mobile number, using our user-friendly platforms that are DPA and HIPAA compliant.   Individuals and organizations may also request on-site consultations adhering to standard safety protocols, ethics, and professional standards in practice for healthcare providers.

        Your consultations and/or sessions are with certified, licensed, and trained mental health professionals who work with supervision, peer conferencing, and post-session evaluations so you can be sure to experience quality mental health support you need and deserve!

        MindWellTM understands mental health is an essential part of everyone’s daily journey in life and involves day-to-day care management.  Mental health is critical across all ages and in every individual’s journey, from your normal stresses of life to extreme life experiences. Thus, we offer support in improving your quality of living every step of the way - for recovery, strengthening of your resilience, and developing new copy skills. We strive to provide specialized support whenever possible.